FTM 6 Days on T also HATE Within the Trans Community


I do like the way you’ve opened up the floor for this one. It’s one of the biggest points of contention around; the fact that the trans* community will quite happily tear itself apart, instead of calmly explaining to society why it needs to accept that there is nothing unusual about being transgendered.

Myself, I’ve got fairly strong views of what maketh the man, but these are based on my own experience and my culture. Given my feelings on being a man are based around a desire to fill a particular role - that’s where my heart is, that’s what it desires - and my interests, mannerisms, EVERYTHING, have centred around being a bit of a stereotypical lad, I do really wonder how it is that some people come to the same conclusion as I have. I wouldn’t ever disregard their feelings, but I would find it interesting to get a better perspective of how dressing, behaving and overall presenting as stereotypically female with no real desire to change other than gain a deeper voice qualifies as the same outcome as I wish to achieve someday.

Naturally, I have no choice but to present as passably female at the moment, and can’t cast stones anyway on that very basis.

Perhaps I am overly judgemental.

I guess I fail to see…why all the effort…when they are not far off from what they wish to be anyway. Is happiness the right word for it?

Everyone is different though, we all have a different story and I would never wish any of these experiences upon an unsuspecting person. No one should have to deal with this.

But yes. Hate. It needs to die. And it’s not just people hating on the effeminite amongst us; blokes like myself that just want to fucking be a regular guy are denied that right from within. It’s a sin to be a man’s man, didn’t ya know. There’s intra-trans hate too - between transmen and transwomen, which is truly upsetting to watch. There’s out vs stealth shaming, petty battles over terminology… it’s rife, and it’s the cancer that will prevent us ever being accepted as perfectly normal by mainstream society. If we can’t take each other seriously, how will anyone else?

Great video, great thoughts…damn mature. Good stuff dude. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, as well as opening the floor up for commentary.

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    This. This SO much. The hate makes no scene to me. It really doesn’t.
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    I do like the way you’ve opened up the floor for this one. It’s one of the biggest points of contention around; the fact...
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